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Why Choose Us

Onflo was founded in 1976. Its insights into a rapidly developing industry were soon spotted by the Japanese calculators giant – Casio – who two years latter appointed the company authorized distributor for its calculators.

Onflo Wines & Spirits Limited was established in 1995 in Hong Kong. We are the sole distributor of MANUEL MANZANEQUE D.O. PAGO wines in Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland.

Onflo showed its international reach and negotiating skills when, after time-consuming and complex discussions, it obtained approval from the United States authorities for the first ever technology transfer into China of a high performance super micro computer production line.

With importation from Chile, California, Spain and, of course France, Onflo believes that the most important concern to the customers is the value of the products rather the abstract image.

In 2014, Onflo Wines and Spirits Limited are the sole distributor of Quintay – premium wines from Chile in Hong Kong, Macau And the Mainland.

At Onflo we promote and protect the interests of everyone we represent. The distributorships we have won and retained have developed into lasting, mutually profitable relationships.